You love adventures. You love shooting videos.
And you share your passion with the world. So do we.

That’s why we have developed LUUV – a camera stabilizer that enables you to tape all your adventures shake-free.

LUUV’s unique design provides features that let you discover exciting new perspectives and angles. Since the perfect shot won’t be waiting for you, you can mount and adjust your actioncam or smartphone quickly and easily thanks to LUUV’s plug & play system. Even when things get chaotic, you can rely on LUUV: The wind-resistant and robust design enables you to shoot steady footage no matter how gusty weather conditions are.

Sometimes you have to turn yourself upside down to achieve something great. With LUUV’s up & down mode there’s no hassle to shoot amazing videos just centimeters above the ground. LUUV is easy to master – with only one hand thanks to its intuitive usability.

This makes LUUV your perfect companion for all your adventures.

Everytime and everywhere.

Preorder your LUUV now!